The members of JECRC UDML family, making the Institution gleam with pride and honour, hold several awards and achievements in their kitty.

The following papers by our faculty members were published in various national and international journals and magazines

  •   A paper by Dr. Sonu Pareek (Chemistry) in Hetero Atom Chemistry
        (John Wiley).
  •   Two papers by Mr. Sona Das (Physics) in journal of Optical  Physics.
  •   Two papers by Dr. Radhika Goyal (Mathematics) in international journal of
        Physical Sciences and in Institution of Theoretical Physics.
  •   Two papers by Dr. Anajli Tiwari (Chemistry) in Organic Preparations and
        Procedures International and Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and the Related
        Elements (Taylor and Francis).

Seminars, Conferences & Workshops attended
  •   Dr. Ritu Agarwal, Dr. Radhika Goyal and Ms. Pinky Lata (Mathematics) -
        National Conference of Rajasthan Ganit Parishad on “Recent trends in
        mathematics and actuarial sciences”
  •   Dr. Sonu Pareek (Chemistry) - National Workshop on Green Chemistry under
        DST-Green Chemistry Task Force, Government of India, New Delhi

Dr. Susmita Majumdar (Physics) has been a co-principal investigator in the project titled “Numerical simulation of western disturbance and associated extreme weather using a mesoscale model” sponsored by DST worth 14 lac.

Dr. Anjali Tiwari has been awarded a Ph.D. in the field of Chemistry. The title of her thesis is “Design and synthesis of Indoles and Allied Derivatives of Pharmaceutical Importance”.

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