The Institution runs several clubs who aid in the process of knowledge building and expansion. The clubs are actively involved in organising events thereby inculcating management and organising skills and team spirit among the students.

Schriebbers - The Ink Slingers
It has been said that writing is the food for thought. On the same lines, students of JECRC UDML laid the foundation of its writer’s club. The club acts as an alchemist to transform the imagination of the aspiring writers into reality. They are our budding journalists, reporting all the college events for our newsletter and interacting with the media to highlight our achievements to the world outside. The annual college festival ‘Sarvatra’ proved to be the seeping ground for the existence of the club.

English Conversation Club (ECC)
The sole idea at the back of this club is to provide a corollary support to the students in shedding their inhibitions while making presentations and wording expressions in the second language i.e. English.

The objectives and aspirations of ECC are to augment the conversational skills of students. ECC is also assertive and poised to conduct workshops and lectures by visiting professors towards the aforementioned goals.

Initiators’ Club - Save Energy, Save Life
Initiators’ club started with 10 members who took the onus of turning off the lights and fans in the college when unused, as an attribute towards their social responsibility. The thought was sprouted with a gleam of hope of transforming the entire institution into a set of initiators and that’s what gets visible now.

Technofizi - The Robotics Club
The spark to do something creative ignited the thought process of a few students which led to the origin of robotics club at JECRC UDML . The team aims to explore the diverse applications of robotics. The club today is an active platform for students to display and develop their practical machine building skills and knowledge.

3C (Club Catchy for Cultural)
The club covers different areas of cultural activities like dance, fashion, singing, rock bands, poetry and anchoring. The main goal of this club is to unleash the hidden talent of the students and provide a deserving platform to nurture the young buds in various fields.

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