A man only grows and prospers in two ways - one by reading and the other by associating with smarter people.

The Institute duly recognizes the significance of Industry - Institute interface. It has formed tie-ups with a number of organizations from the Industry. The Institute has entered into a collaboration with CDAC for the furtherance of our students and faculty members. Organizations such as Akshaya Patra, Advait Life - Education, Pragyan Finishing School and Campus Mantra visited the campus for the purpose of training and grooming of our students. Such programs give our students an edge in terms of industry readiness and technical know - how.

The notion of continuous learning , with us, remains alive among the Faculty members also as the emphasis on up skilling is thelinchpin of our pedagogical methodology. The significance of Industry - Institute interface is so well recognized by the Foundation, that it gets explicitly reflected in frequent participation of even our senior faculty members, with not less than 12 years of experience, in programs like, Infosys Campus Connect and Wipro Mission 10X.

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