The specialised laboratories for each course ensure that knowledge imparted to the students is reinforced through application and 'learning-by-doing'. The college houses more than 40 labs that are fully equipped with instruments and machinery carrying the most advanced technology.

The various computer labs across the Institution contain around 400 computers, a range of servers working on various platforms and numerous latest software to develop proficiency in the field of information technology.

The major labs across various streams are:

Computer Science Engineering
Data Structure Lab
Project Lab
Object Oriented Programming Lab
Computer Programming Lab
Data Mining & Warehousing Lab
C Programming Lab
Shell Programming Lab
Java Programming Lab
X Windows Programming Lab Web Programming Lab
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Lab
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Lab

Electronics & Communications Engineering
Digital Electronics Lab
Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lab
Electronic Design Automation Lab
Logic Synthesis Lab
Electronic Engineering Design Lab
Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
Electronics Lab & Workshop
Industrial Electronics Lab
Microcontroller Lab
Microprocessor Lab
Microwave Engineering Lab
Optical Fiber Lab
Signal processing Lab
Wireless Communication Lab

Mechanical Engineering Department
Dynamics of Machines Lab
Machine Design Lab
Material Science Lab
Mechanical Measurements and Control Lab
Fluid Mechanics Lab
Mechanics of Solids Lab
Production Engineering Practice Lab
Thermal Engineering Lab (I & II)

Other Laboratories
Engineering Chemistry Lab
Mechanical Workshop
Engineering Physics Lab
Environmental Engineering Lab
Language Lab

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